Reputable websites

  • Robb Wolf: Former research biochemist, author of the Paleo solution. One of the original paleo diet authors.
  • Dr. Parsley M.D.: Former navy seals physician. Currently specializing in sleep optimization.
  • Stephan Guyenet: A obesity researcher with a PhD in neurobiology.
  • Chris Masterjohn: Holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, studies fat soluble vitamins and dispels myths about saturated fats and cholesterol.
  • Chris Kresser: Functional and integrative medicine practitioner and world leader in paleolithic nutrition.
  • Dr Lustig M.D.: Pediatric endocrinologist and obesity researcher.
  • Dr Bruce Durham M.D: A colleague and mentor of mine. His site is primarily a resource for medical students but also contains useful medical knowledge.
  • Jeff Leach PhD: Microbiome researcher, co-founder of the largest microbiome study, the American Gut Project.
  • Perfect health Diet: Paul Jaminet PhD is a physicist turned health expert and his wife Shou-Ching Jaminet, PhD is a molecular biologist and cancer researcher. Together they operate the site Perfect Health Diet.
  • Power of Poop: An excellent resource for anyone interested in doing fecal transplants. Large quantities of very useful information and a very helpful facebook group. I would not have been able to do fecal transplants without the help of this site.
  • Nom Nom Paleo: Excellent site for recipes.

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